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Membership Type

  1. Annual Member (Individual)
  2. Annual Member (Institutional)
  3. Life Member (Individual)
  4. Life Member (Institutional)

Admission and Qualification of Membership

  1. Annual Member (Individual): Any person interested or actually engaged in teaching, research, communication and/or field action in R&D and promotion of sugar crops and industries and who agrees to subscribe to the objects of the Society as mentioned in the Memorandum of Association may be admitted as Annual Member of the Society subject to such conditions as may be specified from time to time by the Governing Body on its behalf.
  2. Annual Member (Institutional) : The Governing Body may admit Annual Member any institution or any industry or any professional body which is interested in the objects of the Society and which agrees to abide by such conditions as may be specified by the Governing Body from time to time.
  3. Life Member (Individual) : Any person who fulfils the qualifications of an Annual Member and is willing to serve the Society lifelong after duly contributing the said life membership fee may be deemed to be a Life Member.
  4. Life Member (Institutional) : Any organization which fulfills the qualifications of an Annual Member (Institutional) and is willing to associate itself on long-term basis after duly contributing life membership (Institutional) fee shall be deemed to be a Life Member (Institutional) for a fixed period of ten years only.

The accreditation of the representatives of Instituinal Life Members may be changed by their organisations from time to time subject to prior approval of Executive Committee.

Applications of organisations or individuals for any class of membership of the Society shall be made on the prescribed form and be accompanied by the due membership fee and a nonrefundable and nonadjustable entrance fee (for Annual Membership only). These shall be submitted through the Secretary to Executive Committee which may accept or reject any application after assigning due reasons.


Entrance fee, annual subscriptions and life membership fee for individuals as well as instittutional organisations shall be fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time.

The rates applied to all at present are :

Membership        Subscription

Individual            Rs. 2000 per anum
Institutional         Rs. 6500 per annum
Industry               Rs. 10000 per annum
Individual            Rs. 5000
Industry               Rs. 50000

  1. Membership shall cease by death, resignation or impeachment/removal.
  2. Ordinary member who fails to pay the subscription up to three months as required (under Section 15 of the Societies Registration Act XI of 1860 by October 31, shall cease to be a member. However, his membership may be continued at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee if his due annual subscription is received on or before the 31st of December, the same year. After this date the individual shall have to submit a fresh application for membership along with the annual entrance fee.
  3. If any member of the Society wilfully disobeys the stautues or orders of the Society or the Executive Committee, or, by way of speaking, writing or printing publicity defames the Society or maliciously or dishonestly damages or dishonors the Society, he/she shall be removed from the membership.
  4. Whenever there appears to be suficient cause for the removal of any members from the Society, the subject shall be laid before the Executive Committee, and if the Executive Committee shall, after its deliberations, propose that the membership be removed, the President or any of his office-holding nominees shall, at any General Body Meeting of the Society, announce the decision of the Executive Committee and seek the approval of the Meeting. If, and as and when, the decision is approved at the General Body meeting, the member concerned shall ease to be a member of the Society thereafter. The reason shall be communicated to the member concerned.
  5. General Body meting of the Society may consider the case of an expelled member at his rquest and announce his readmission. Such member shall pay fresh entrance fee (if required by the nature of the membership sought) and the due amount of Anual/Life subscription and shall then enjoy all the rights and privileges of a Member from the of payment of his dues.

Right as privileged members

Annual members and life members shall enjoy such rights and privileges as are decided upon by the Executive Committee from time to time. All members in good standing shall enjoy the right to contest and vote in election.