International Journal : Sugar Tech (An International journal of Sugar Crops and Related Industries)

Sugar Tech is the official journal of SSRP. Fifty three issues in seventeen volumes of Sugar Tech have already been published in last sixteen years. We have been receiving research articles from all over the world. Concerned libraries from all over the World have been subscribing Sugar Tech journal. Sugar Tech has come to be a leading international journal with its unique quality and standard. We have been covering current references on sugarcane, sugarbeet, industry and technology along with addresses of corresponding authors, so that interested person could contact them as per their own interest. Sugar Tech is being indexed in Thomson Reuters, SCOPUS, CAB International, UK; INSDOC, India and Elsevier Biobase, Netherlands and Chemical Abstracts, USA. The Society requests all the scientists/industrialists/ technologists engaged in sugarcane, sugarbeet and related industries to contribute their research findings to Sugar Tech and also to become members of the society with their active participation so that the aims and objectives of the Society could be fulfilled in their true perspectives.



Books (Authored/Edited)

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