Farmer centric sustainable development of sugar and integrated industries.


Sustainable development of sugar and integrated industries through application of scientific knowledge and improved technologies to augment production efficiency of sugar crops, sugar, green energy and value added products for holistic growth of farming community.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To constitute a forum at international level for bringing together individual and organizations involved in sugar crops and related industry
  2. To promote and undertake Research and Development and Extension Services in the field of sugar crops and value added products
  3. To develop international research/development linkages and disseminate up-to-date technologies in the field of sugar production/by-product utilization/effluent treatment/alcohol production and environmental management through rapid information system
  4. To explore new areas related to cane production technologies, cane developmental activity and logistic management;
  5. To propagate utilization of non-conventional and renewable sources of energy and development of improved systems and devices in sugar industry for sugar processing including fermentation and effluent treatment technologies;
  6. To offer recognition and awards to professional groups and individuals for attainment of excellence in the field of sugar crops and related industries;
  7. To interact with government agencies, scientific organizations and NGOs to promote and protect interests of sugar crop growers and producers;
  8. To organize symposia, seminars and workshops and bring out scientific publications to meet the objectives of the society. Sugar Tech is the official journal of this society being published in association with Springer, Germany. Six issues of Sugar Tech are published every year from 2016.
  9. To support the regional and national offices in other countries.